About Me

I am a newly fledged Ecologist and earlier in 2015 I completed The University of Melbourne’s Master of Science in Botany. I have a background in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduating from my Bachelor in 2012. My research was supervised by Dr.Pia Lentini and Assoc Prof Brendan Wintle and focused on population viability of sugar gliders and phascogales in over 100 years in a heavily fragmented landscape. I assessed the effectiveness of conservation corridors and their impact on local native species in terms of dispersal and occupation.
This involved significant data consolidation from literature and previous research done in the Arthur Rylah Institute’s area of interest in the Goulburn Broken. AS I am working towards publication, these findings will  contribute to the wider body of research investigating the current revegetation of fragmented landscapes.

I have long been fascinated with the management of native remnant landscapes and the dramatic contrast in indigenous biodiversity from urban areas to national parks and reserves. Growing up in Australia with traditional summer holiday camping trips across the states I developed a love for all things wild and the natural beauty of the landscape. I am now passionately invested in adaptive landscape management, community awareness and committed to expanding the current knowledgebase to improve sustainable interactions between humans and nature, paving the way for future generations of all species.



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